Gareth Bale is not an unfamiliar name amongst the Real Madrid supporters as his name has been linked to joining from Tottenham Hotspurs for the past year or so but now it seems as if it is closer than ever before…

At the beginning of the transfer season, major rumors have circulated on whether the Wales international would be joining the Spanish capital for the upcoming season or not with many saying that the deal simply needed some time to finalize. While the rumors were going around, Real Madrid worked in the transfer market as they decided to look at the younger generation with players that had potential as they were able to sign Isco, Carlos Casemiro, Asier Illarramendi, and Daniel Carvajal. With those signings, and the season about to begin, the rumors have slowly died down and it seemed that if Real Madrid were going to sign Bale, it probably wouldn’t be until next summer.


Suddenly, Fabio Coentrão decided to hand in a transfer request and the rumors have shot up once again but this time there was something different about it. Rumors have lately circulated that Real Madrid would be signing Gareth Bale for a record sum of somewhere between 94-100 Million Euros and that Coentrão will be joining Tottenham. Whether the Portuguese defender is included in the same deal or not has not yet been fully confirmed though. Sources such as Sky Sports, The Mirror, The Guardian, and other reputable agencies have all said that the deal is imminent and should be finalized in a matter of hours/days. The only differences are the matter of time needed and the sum that has been paid to the English club.

With this, a question arises: Does Real Madrid really need Gareth Bale?

There is no doubting that the Wales midfielder is a player with a lot of skill and potential to become one of the greatest players in the world but my answer slightly drifts away from the idea of whether we actually NEED him or not…

In the first game of the league against Real Betis, Real Madrid suffered quite a bit and were slightly lucky to come out with a 2-1 win at the end of it but that was not because they lacked the chances but rather that they were not able to take their opportunities well enough to make something happen. Gareth Bale will be a great addition to the squad for sure but there are other aspects that will need to be strongly considered:

The Amount Paid

Whether it was 94 Million or 100 Million Euros does not really make that big of a difference but it brings up the serious question on if he is seriously worth more than the 93 Million paid to bring Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo has proven himself as one of the greatest to ever play the game before he came to the Bernabeu and it made some sense as to why we paid that much for him. As for Bale, he as proven to be a great player but not anywhere close to Ronaldo’s level, at least not yet. So, paying that much for him could possibly be seen as slightly disrespectful to Cristiano and even to the game itself. Personally, I highly doubt that anything more than 60 Million Euros should be paid to bring Bale to the ‘White House’

Place In The Team

One very great thing about Gareth Bale is the fact that he can practically play in any position so, if Real Madrid are facing problems in midfield or even at left-back, he has the skill to cover that position. But, his natural place is on the left (where Cristiano Ronaldo currently plays). Will he take Ronaldo’s place? No way. But someone will have to suffer whether it is Ronaldo, Angel Di Maria, or even our new youngster, Jese Rodriguez. I personally don’t feel like that would be something that is worth it. 

Gareth Bale

Other than all that, I’m sure that Florentino Perez wouldn’t pay that much for a player he feels isn’t worth it and there is obviously a plan in mind. He certainly has talked to Carlo Ancelotti and Zinedine Zidane and there has to be something to push them to pursue Bale to this extent. 

It seems as though Gareth Bale will be arriving at the Santiago Bernabeu in the coming days (as people are saying) and only time will tell if this whole saga has really been worth it in the end of it all. Even though, to a certain extent, I am against the signing of Bale, there is no doubting that the Real Madrid fans will be behind him if he wears the white shirt of the greatest team in the world.