I know that this is a little off topic but I felt the need to post it here since it is one of the major problems going on in Spanish football at the moment.

Racing Santander is a team that many of us are familiar with since they spent a majority of their time in the top flight alongside the big clubs such as Real Madrid and Barcelona. A couple years later, they find themselves in the third division fighting hard to find a way back up.

With a new President, things were supposed to finally be looking up for Racing Santander but the complete opposite has happened. The team is going through a crisis and the President has not paid the wages of the players or the staff in months. It has now been over five months with the team not being paid at all. With all of that happening, they have been the shock of the Copa del Rey as they find themselves in the Quarter-Finals after knocking out Almeria and Sevilla.


For the Quarter-Finals of the Copa del Rey, they have been paired with Real Sociedad. Last night, they were supposed to play the second leg of the tie after losing the first leg 3-1. Instead, the players and the staff stood in unity on the pitch and played no part in the game as the Real Sociedad players found themselves passing the ball around in their own half. The Racing Santander players have had enough of this chaos and have decided not to play as they fight to get rid of the current President and his staff.

There was unity on the pitch and the dressing room and, personally, I have nothing but respect to those players who kept playing their hearts out every week even though they were not getting paid. They have shown their love for the game but it has reached a point where they can no longer keep playing like this and a change must happen as soon as possible.

There is a lesson to be learned and we should all stand together and hope that this will change soon.

Racing Santander, thank you for showing the world the love for this beautiful game and also showing all of us how standing together can eventually make a difference. Hopefully we will see this wonderful team back in La Liga very soon…