An ongoing debate between Real Madrid fans is whether it is Diego Lopez or Iker Casillas who deserves to play in the starting lineup for the team.


During the winter transfer window last season, Diego Lopez was bought in to replace an injured Iker Casillas and he has been able to impress ever since. As for Casillas, he has not been able to make a full comeback to the team since his return from injury and is now only limited to all Cup games while Lopez is in charge during the league. There is no need to go into all of these details since it is very known among all the Real Madrid fans.

Recently though, many Madridista’s have been calling for Iker Casillas to return to being the number one choice at the club, and it really does make sense. The Real Madrid captain has been in great form recently after going 862 consecutive minutes without conceding a single goal while also going through the whole Copa del Rey without conceding as Los Merengues are now in the final against Barcelona. Casillas is showing everyone that he is still a top goalkeeper and someone that the team can depend on when he’s in goal.

As for Diego Lopez, he has been quite consistent in the league as Real Madrid continue their pursuit of the league title. He has been very dependable and a player that Los Blancos feel very comfortable with. He has also gone through some great moments and it must not be forgotten that he has been very influential during last season while Iker Casillas was injured.

A couple days ago, the highest trending topic on Twitter in Real Madrid was for Casillas to leave the club. I’m not very sure how that makes sense and there is really no need to get too far into it but it just goes to show that people will keep talking and voicing their opinions on who should start for the team. Either way, the pressure is very high on all the players and they will need to find ways to ignore all the negativity so that they can focus on the team.


With that said, who would deserve to be the starting goalkeeper at the White House?

I think that we can all agree on the fact that both, Iker Casillas and Diego Lopez, would easily walk into any first team as they are both great players but at Real Madrid, things are always different.

Personally, I think that Carlo Ancelotti has found the best way for both players to get some playing time since it would be very inconsistent for the team if the goalkeepers kept switching every game or anything of that sort. Also, it is worth mentioning that Casillas as conceded many fewer shots in the Copa del Rey when compared to Lopez in La Liga. For example, Casillas has conceded approximately 28 shots in all Copa del Rey games while Diego Lopez has conceded 23 shots in the Rayo Vallecano game alone. That isn’t a worthwhile statistic when it comes to choosing between both keepers, but it brings up another discussion.

The problem with the fans is that they will focus on the fact that a goalkeeper has come out of a match with a clean sheet but will not acknowledge the fact that they may have only gotten one shot against them, or most shots were either simple to save or off-target. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying Casillas does not deserve the recognition, nor am I saying that Lopez is a better keeper. It’s just that the minor details in the game could make the biggest differences.


Many recent articles that I have read say something along the lines of “The Fans Must Stand With The Team No Matter What” so there is no need to even mention that, putting aside the fact that I don’t 100% agree with it either. Yes, we need to stand with the team, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions when it comes to who they think should or should not play. With that said, my opinion is that Real Madrid should stick with the plan that they have now since any changes could cause chaos (especially with the unforgiving Spanish media). Until next season begins, then Ancelotti will have to make yet another decision regarding who deserves to be the main goalkeeper for the team, if both players are still in the club after the summer.

No matter what happens though, there is no denying how great both goalkeepers are and we need to support the managers decision for now as the team look forward to some very decisive games coming up in the league, the Champions League, and the Copa del Rey. It seems as though the plan is working and both goalkeepers are giving their all to prove why they deserve to play. At the end of the season, it will be easier to maybe see who is a ‘more deserving’ goalkeeper.

Hala Madrid!