Real Madrid played against Atletico Madrid in the Final of the UEFA Champions League as they were able to come out 4-1 winners in an unbelievably dramatic match.


Real Madrid –
Sergio Ramos (93′)
Gareth Bale (110′)
Marcelo (118′)
Cristiano Ronaldo (120′)

Atletico Madrid –
Diego Godin (36′)

The Wait Is Over:

Real Madrid and their fans all over the world have waited 12 years for this moment after they last won the UEFA Champions League in 2002. They have waited too long and the team has finally been able to make everyone’s dreams come true with a wonderful win against their city rivals, Atletico Madrid.


Sergio Ramos:

The game was all but over as Real Madrid were given one final chance to make the game 1-1 on the 93rd minute. If they score, it goes to extra time and, if not, then Atletico Madrid would be crowned champions. In true Real Madrid fashion, the corner was taken and Sergio Ramos was there once again as he has been so many times in recent games to make it 1-1 with an amazing header into the bottom corner. The game was then taken to extra time and the rest is history with Gareth Bale, Marcelo, and Cristiano Ronaldo ensuring that Real Madrid will finally take La Decima home.

Angel Di Maria:

Maybe he didn’t score any goals on the night but there is no doubting that Angel Di Maria was clearly the man of the match in the end. His runs and his determination were extremely evident from the beginning of the game and he played an integral part in Real Madrid’s win. He was named Man of the Match on the night after receiving the award from the one and only, Sir Alex Ferguson.

Gareth Bale:

No, I really don’t care how much was spent for Gareth Bale to join us at Spanish Capital. The Welshman really didn’t have the best of games but he showed his true self with a winner in extra time. Angel Di Maria had yet another wonderful run on the wings before his shot was saved by Thibaut Courtois. Gareth Bale was there at the right time to score the header and finally put Real Madrid in the lead. The ‘Prince of Wales’ scored the winning goal in the Copa del Rey Final and now did it once again in the UEFA Champions League Final. What a season he has had…


Now, we celebrate. Real Madrid deserve to celebrate after a great season. Carlo Ancelotti has done it and has shown that he is the right man to drive Real Madrid forward. Thank you, Carlo Ancelotti. Thank you, Real Madrid.

I will be posting pictures of the celebrations very soon on my next article for whoever is interested.

La Decima:

Ladies and Gentlemen, La Decima is home. The UEFA Champions League trophy has finally come back home to where it truly belongs.