Real Madrid have officially unveiled the new 2014/2015 jersey earlier today during a spectacular presentation outside the Santiago Bernabeu. As expected, the rumors of our away jersey being pink is true as the slogan has been on the lips of every Madridista in the world, “Wear It Or Fear It”.

Also as expected, there have been some criticism from many of the Real Madrid fans as they are against the idea of the away jersey being pink. Personally, I was against it at

first but with time it grows on you and you start to like it. As for the home jersey, it has stayed white and there were no expectations of that changing.

Here are some great pictures of the 2014/2015 home and away jerseys:

Shirt1 Shirt2 Shirt3 Shirt4 Shirt5 Shirt6 Shirt7

What are your thoughts on the new jerseys? Either let me know on the poll or in the comments!