We have done this before and we’re back yet again as I interview one of the most followed Real Madrid fan accounts on Twitter, RMadridGirl. For a link to the last interview I did with her, here is the link:


With her opinions very clear and her thoughts all around Twitter, I felt it was as necessary to see her thoughts on a few matters regarding Real Madrid and keeping our game against Sevilla in mind. She had some great points and, just like her first interview, we get a small glimpse into how it is for her living as a Real Madrid fan in Canada.

Hope you all enjoy it!

1. Well, first thing is first, how have you “recovered” after our La Decima achievement? Did you celebrate the win in any special way?

Unfortunately it was not anything crazy for me. I was in Argentina and people had a very negative energy towards Real Madrid. They were mostly supporting Simeone and talking about Messi being better than Cristiano. At the same time there was an important game for the Argentinean league, I believe it decided who was going to second division so believe it or not, most bars were showing that game instead of the Champions League final. I watched the whole game surrounded by people who did not like Real Madrid and aside from my cousin, I did not find any Real Madrid supporters. We celebrated and I was extremely happy but my surroundings were not ideal for a proper celebration.

2. I interviewed you last season and asked a question regarding the purchase of Gareth Bale. Have your thoughts changed in any way? If so, what do you think of the purchase a year later?

I have always been 100% behind Gareth Bale. I don’t care about his price tag, in only one year he has given us so much. He scored in two finals and now gave the assist for Cristiano’s first key goal. His shape is unreal. He will lead us to many more titles.


3. Our new jerseys have caused a lot of people to talk about the colors and fonts ever since they were officially released. Now, we have had time to get used to them and, personally, my thoughts on them have changed a little. What are your overall thoughts on our jerseys for the 2014/2015 season?

It’s difficult. Living in Canada I am used to a different mentality. Here men wear pink shirts or shorts and it does not mean anything, if anything, us women like it. Furthermore a colour being deemed “girly” is not an insult. We have it clear than using girly as an adjective is not an insult. I understand, however, that not everywhere is the same. Real Madrid is a team that reaches the whole world and I know there are countries were women still don’t have rights or equal rights and that something as silly as a colour can be a big deal. I love the new jerseys, the white, the pink and the black with the dragon. Real Madrid evolves with time and while it keeps its classic white jersey, I am a big fan of the changes of the other two.

4. We have just played our first official game of the season for the UEFA SuperCup. What are your thoughts on the game? Anything you would have done differently?

Toni Kroos is a beast but I think we all saw it. It is amazing how fast he adapted. I mean, one game is too fast to draw into any conclusions but I feel confident he will keep that shape. Differently… I would have kept Coentrao the whole 90 minutes and played Di Maria, he deserved it. I don’t like when politics get in the way of decisions.

5. Keeping the game against Sevilla in mind plus the money that we have spent in purchasing players, without thinking about any of the departures right now, what are your thoughts on:

Toni Kroos – I saw him at the World Cup and I was amazed but I wasn’t sure about his signing. 90 minutes were enough to blow those doubts away from my mind. MVP against Sevilla, worth every penny.

James Rodriguez – We saw James a bit nervous. I don’t doubt that he will shine, I am a big fan of his signing. Time will prove his worth. He is only 23.

Keylor Navas – He was much needed. Casillas is 33 and not at his best. He had a good game against Sevilla but doesn’t make me forget the pre-season, the World Cup or the Champions League final. Navas is young for a goalkeeper, the only better case scenario would have been Courtois. With the 10M euros spent, I see him as our starter this season and I’m glad he will be because I was tired of him denying us every time we played Levante…


6. Alright, it’s time for things to get a little more controversial right now. What are your thoughts on the departure of Diego Lopez? Do you think that Real Madrid have made the right decision? What would you have done differently?

It’s a very unfair decision. Politics, all politics. We will see others leave for the same reason and it might shock a few. We have nothing but good memories from Diego, he worked hard from beginning to end, never missed an optional training session, never spoke badly of anyone – not even after he was kicked out, he sacrificed it all for us.

Real Madrid - Levante_7_2014_03_09

7. Do you feel as though it was the correct decision to let Alvaro Morata leave the club?

Yes. In a team full of galacticos Morata had no room. I don’t know how good of a decision it was to send him to Juventus considering the strikers they already have but that was their decision. The deal with canteranos is that if they prove their worth, they always come back.

8. If you were a decision maker at the club and you had the power to sell/buy any player in the world (money not being an issue), who would you sell from our current squad? Who would you purchase?

I’d buy Courtois and Hummels. Our attack is flawless.

9. What is your ideal starting lineup if Real Madrid are to stay with the squad that they currently have? Also, if possible, please explain briefly as to why you picked each player.

Keylor Navas – Look at his recent performances and his shape during training.

Carvajal-Ramos-Varane-Coentrao – They’re all the best we have

Modric-Kroos – Good pairing, balance each other out

Di Maria & BBC – Replace di Maria for James if he leaves

Almost the XI we saw against Sevilla, depending on who we play I would maybe start Xabi instead of Modric

10. What are your expectations for the coming season?

To win all 6 titles

11. Anything else that you would like to add?

Hala Madrid y nada mas!

For more of her thoughts and opinions, follow RMadridGirl on Twitter (@RMadridGirl) or follow her blog, http://www.rmadridgirl.wordpress.com!