Real Madrid weren’t able to win their second trophy of the season out of a possible six as Atletico Madrid were able to come out with the edge after an early goal from Mandzukic to help them achieve the Spanish SuperCup.

Starting Lineup:

The starting lineup was a little different to what many people expected as Carlo Ancelotti decided to discard Sami Khedira, Angel Di Maria, and Nacho on the night while leaving Cristiano Ronaldo on the bench since he just returned from injury. The starting lineup consisted of:

Iker Casillas [C], Daniel Carvajal, Raphael Varane, Sergio Ramos, Fabio Coentrao, Toni Kroos, Xabi Alonso, Gareth Bale, Luka Modric, James Rodriguez, and Karim Benzema


Atletico Madrid –
Mario Mandzukic (2′)

Real Madrid –

The Angel Di Maria Saga – 

Angel Di Maria was expected to start on the night as an expected “goodbye” game but Carlo Ancelotti had other options after cutting him from the squad. With everyone expecting him to leave soon, it now seems inevitable and it looks like the Argentinean midfielder will be joining Manchester United very soon. Not a very smart move by the Real Madrid board in my opinion but it looks like nothing can really be done now…

James Rodriguez – 

With each minute he plays for Real Madrid, he keeps on improving. His performance after coming on during the second half during the first-leg, he was able to get his first goal for the club. He was picked to start in the second-leg and did really well in the first half and he was very unlucky not to get his name on the scoresheet yet again. He was substituted off during the second half. We now look forward to some more improvement and some unforgettable performances from the Colombian as the season nears its beginning.


Sami Khedira – 

According to the recent reports surrounding Sami Khedira, he has decided to travel to Germany without the clubs permission to watch his brother play a game instead of being with the team for the second-leg of the SuperCup. Do I believe that? No. What probably happened was that he was discarded from the team then asked permission to leave the country in order to watch the game. With that said, I personally see him leaving the club very soon as there are some big teams such as Bayern Munich who are interested.

Where’s The Passion?

One thing that was extremely clear last night was simply that we had no passion. Carlo Ancelotti was able to instill a huge sense of passion and excitement for the game during last season, which played a massive part in achieving La Decima in May. Last night, we didn’t see any of that whatsoever. Yes, Ancelotti was experimenting some tactics and formations but that isn’t really an excuse especially since we came out with a very strong starting lineup.

La Liga – 

Real Madrid were able to win the UEFA SuperCup after beating Sevilla 2-0 but lost the Spanish SuperCup as they lost 2-1 on aggregate to Atletico Madrid. Now, they will need to forget about both competitions and shift their concentration to La Liga as they play their first game against Cordoba on Monday. A strong start is necessary as they look to win the remaining competitions of the season.

My Personal Player Ratings – 

Iker Casillas – 7/10
Daniel Carvajal – 9.5/10
Raphael Varane – 7.5/10
Sergio Ramos – 8/10
Fabio Coentrao – 7.5/10
Xabi Alonso – 7.5/10
Toni Kroos – 8.5/10
Gareth Bale – 8/10
Luka Modric – 7/10
James Rodriguez – 8.5/10
Karim Benzema – 7.5/10