Xabi Alonso, a leader at Real Madrid, has decided to leave the club and join Bayern Munich. Though the deal isn’t official yet, it has been confirmed by Bayern Munich on Twitter that the player is expected to join and will be doing his medical today.

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After that tweet, they tweeted yet again to confirm an article on their official website about Xabi Alonso:

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So, I guess that it is fair to say that Xabi Alonso will no longer be a Real Madrid player…

Concentrating on my personal feelings about the matter, I have to say that I’m extremely shocked. Looking at Alonso’s reactions in the UEFA Champions League Final in May simply shows the love that he has for the club. It seemed as though he will never leave and, even if he did, it would have probably been in a couple seasons to the MLS or something. Not a direct rival such as Bayern Munich.

It is shocking and confusing but it looks like Real Madrid’s decision to sign Toni Kroos played a massive part in this decision. Also, Pep Guardiola personally called the Spanish midfielder in order to convince him to join the German champions.

Thank you, Xabi Alonso, for giving us everything you had. Alonso is the perfect example of an extreme professional who always did all of his talking on the pitch no matter what was said about him. It is very sad to see him leave but we simply have to accept the facts that there is nothing we can do about it right now.

So, now we have to say goodbye to one of the greatest midfielders to play in Real Madrid as he has chosen to move on with his career. He will always be remembered for being such an integral part to Los Merengues’ fight in the UEFA Champions League and La Liga. Xabi Alonso has given us his all and there was no more that we can ask of him.

One of my personal favorite quotes about Alonso was said by an English commentator on BeIN Sports last season: “Xabi Alonso can play in a four-piece suit and not wrinkle it…” That in itself is the perfect explanation of the elegance and class that a player such as Alonso possesses. That is something that you simply cannot replace and it could be a while before you meet a player like him again and, I have to admit, it was an honor to watch him every week at Real Madrid.

With all that said, I will always feel a slight bitterness towards him mainly because of his sudden choice to join Bayern Munich, a direct European rival. Not only that, but it is four days before the ending of the transfer window and therefore it does not give the club enough time to replace him (if they choose to). It doesn’t make sense but it has to be accepted and I wish Xabi Alonso all the best in his future career.


Of course, these are just my personal opinions and I would definitely love to know what everyone else thinks of this decision so feel free to comment!