Real Madrid visited the Anoeta Stadium as they knew they would be facing a difficult task. After being 2-0 up early in the match, everything went wrong as they came out with a 4-2 loss to a great Real Sociedad team,

Starting Lineup:

With Cristiano Ronaldo given rest in order to fully recover from his injury, Carlo Ancelotti still had a very strong team available for the night as many were quite confident that Los Merengues could come out with the win. The starting lineup consisted of:

Iker Casillas [C], Daniel Carvajal, Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Toni Kroos, Luka Modric, Gareth Bale, Isco, James Rodriguez, and Karim Benzema.


Real Sociedad –
Inigo Martinez (35′)
David Zurutuza (41′)
David Zurutuza (65′)
Carlos Vela (75′)

Real Madrid –
Sergio Ramos (5′)
Gareth Bale (11′)

Lack Of… Everything?

Real Madrid are certainly not the same team that they were towards the end of last season. I mentioned this before as well. They are lacking the motivation and the flair that we saw every single time last year and, this way, there is simply no possible way for us to win any of our titles. Not taking anything away from Real Sociedad who played a wonderful game, but Los Merengues really need to improve as soon as possible before they end up losing too many points from La Liga.

James Rodriguez:

Okay, I completely understand that James Rodriguez is still adapting to his new surroundings, which makes sense. But, if he is still adapting and is very useless in a game that we are losing, why should he play for the full 90 minutes?! The loss is not his fault and it’s the teams’ mistake but it was clear that something had to change on the pitch and leaving James on for the full game wasn’t the correct call in my opinion. Hopefully he can find his rhythm soon because, so far, we have been needing him and he still isn’t able to fully deliver.

Iker Casillas:

After Real Sociedad scored their fourth goal, I stopped talking on Twitter because I knew that I would probably end up tweeting something ridiculous. About an hour after the loss, I opened Twitter to see what was going on as practically everyone was blaming Iker Casillas. Now, I have blamed him many times but he was not to blame against Real Sociedad. Our defense was the biggest joke ever seen, the midfield weren’t able to work collectively in order to keep possession, while our attack was, well, Benzema was our attacker.

Blaming Iker Casillas is simply taking the easy way out. He didn’t have a great game but there are a lot of other people to blame really. He was probably the least of our problems.


Florentino Perez:

Okay, I’m not going to spend too much time on this point but I just want to understand what exactly went wrong. We sold Angel Di Maria and Xabi Alonso and neither of them were replaced well. My question is why didn’t we loan James back to Monaco for at least another season and we could have kept Di Maria who is a far, far better player than the Colombian right now? Marketing aspects do not mean that you should ruin a football club as big as Real Madrid. It’s that simple.

We needed a striker (especially after selling Morata) and a right-back (since Arbeloa is practically useless now) but instead we decided to focus on bringing Kroos, James, and Navas. There is simply no thinking behind things like these and it really gets annoying to see how much it ruins the club.

With that said, Florentino Perez still somewhat has my backing after finally helping us improve and achieving La Decima. Therefore, I am willing to be patient and see what exactly is going on at the end of the season.

My Personal Player Ratings:

Iker Casillas – 6/10
Daniel Carvajal – 5.5/10
Pepe – 5.5/10
Sergio Ramos – 6/10
Marcelo – 6/10
Toni Kroos – 7.5/10
Luka Modric – 6/10
Gareth Bale – 7.5/10
James Rodriguez – 5/10
Isco – 6.5/10
Karim Benzema – 5/10