El Derbi Madrileno ended in shock and desperation as Atletico Madrid came out with a very deserved 4-0 score on the night against an extremely weak Real Madrid side.

Starting Lineup:

With many injuries to the Real Madrid squad, Carlo Ancelotti was able to name his strongest available starting eleven.Unfortunately, it wasn’t strong enough. The starting eleven consisted of:

Iker Casillas [C], Daniel Carvajal, Nacho Fernandez, Raphael Varane, Fabio Coentrao, Toni Kroos, Sami Khedira, Gareth Bale, Isco, Cristiano Ronaldo and  Karim Benzema


Atletico Madrid –
Tiago Mendes (14′)
Saul Niguez (18′)
Antoine Griezmann (67′)
Mario Mandzukic (89′)

Real Madrid –

Zero Determination:

Real Madrid started the game on the back-foot from the opening minute as it seemed that there was always something missing. The players didn’t seem as though they were fully up for the game and never really seemed threatening at any point! A team such as Real Madrid cannot go onto the pitch without showing at least a little bit of hunger to win! Putting aside the scoreline, this is still probably the worst performance that I have seen from Real Madrid in years, if not during my whole life. It was embarrassing, humiliating, and in desperate need of change. Unbelievable.

Singling Out Any Players?

In a game that ends 4-0 to the opposition, it is always going to be very difficult to single out a player who didn’t do well. Usually, there is that ‘one player’ who didn’t play as expected or could have maybe cost his team the game or whatnot but, in this type of loss, it is extremely hard because the whole team played miserably. It may be easier to choose a player who actually tried (which I will do in the next section). Now, if I have to choose two players who were extra disappointing on the night, then I would probably have to go with Cristiano Ronaldo and Iker Casillas. Both are great players but had one of their worst games in their careers against Atletico Madrid.

Best Player of the Night?

As I mentioned previously, there may be one player who I can single out as the best on the night. I’m not saying that he was great but simply that he was the player with the best performance alongside a team that looked like they didn’t come out to play. This one player will have to be Daniel Carvajal in my opinion. He actually tried but there is only so much that he can do!


Cristiano Ronaldo:

After his two-game suspension, Cristiano Ronaldo had a chance to redeem himself on this big stage against Atletico Madrid. He was (unsurprisingly) named in the starting lineup and played the full 90 minutes. Well, maybe the word ‘played’ is a little over-exaggerated here… Cristiano Ronaldo was seen walking around on the pitch countless times and, whenever he actually did get the ball, he always screwed up the dribble or the delivery. It is a game that he will want to forget. Furthermore, if the rumors are true that he has some personal issues (such as the breakup with Irina Shayk) then he should either act like a professional and do his job or simply be benched until he gets his head back in the game. Unfortunately, no one will have the audacity to actually bench Cristiano…

Importance of Rotations:

Carlo Ancelotti’s lineups are usually extremely predictable as he has named his usual starting eleven for months. There is a very popular saying that states; “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!” and it looks like that is what he has been going by for the season.  This lack of rotation can go wrong in two major scenarios: The first is that the players who is usually benched will become unhappy and look for a move outside of the club. As for the second scenario, injuries will give other players a chance but they just don’t have enough match-practice to show their capabilities! That is exactly what happened with, for example, Nacho in the derby as he wasn’t prepared to play such a massive game. Ancelotti will need to start making rotations more often and give players the chance to have time on the field. Personally, I don’t think that we will be seeing that anytime soon though.

My Personal Player Ratings:

Iker Casillas – 4/10
Daniel Carvajal – 7/10
Nacho Fernandez – 5/10
Raphael Varane – 5/10
Fabio Coentrao – 5/10
Toni Kroos – 4/10
Sami Khedira – 3/10
Gareth Bale – 4.5/10
Isco – 4/10
Cristiano Ronaldo – 1/10
Karim Benzema – 3/10