Dear Iker Casillas,

25 years… Wow, some people live their lives hoping to just play one game for Real Madrid but you have done something that not many people can say: You have played 725 games for your favorite club. Since 1990, you have been living your childhood dream and you were able to cement a place in the history books of this great club. 

When it comes to supporting Real Madrid in my case, you’re practically all that I have known. I was born on the year that you joined and, therefore, I am trying to prepare for my first ever season without seeing you as part of the club that I have grown up supporting. 

Have I gotten annoyed at mistakes that you have done in some games throughout the years? Yes, of course. Then again, I have also gotten annoyed at my brother for things yet it does not mean that I don’t love and respect him. The same goes to you. You are only human (somehow!) and you make mistakes just like everybody else. It happens. With that said, I have NEVER lost respect for you. I have NEVER thought less of you. Even as you say your goodbyes to the club, you do it with tears and with the same amount of respect that you always have in the past 25 seasons. 

In my eyes and many other actual fans, you are regarded as a legend of this club and nothing that you do or say will ever change that. There is no denying that you were treated disgustingly by some people (fans, media, Perez) and you did not deserve any of it. Believe it or not, you deserve more than this club can offer you. It may be true that you did not want a farewell match nor to have anyone sitting next to you during the press conference and if that is actually the case then I am happy you left on your own terms to a certain extent. 

I am not quite sure how to move forward as a fan of Real Madrid because there is no one else that deserves to lead this magnificent club more than you do but this is life. We are forced to accept changes that are beyond our control and we need to try finding ways to deal with it and move on. Unfortunately, moving on from your departure may take longer for me than I would like but I will hopefully find away. 

Thank you, Iker Casillas. Thank you for showing us that Madridismo is a true feeling. You have given this club your life and, for that, we as Real Madrid fans should be nothing short of thankful. Thank you for leading this club to glory on so many different occasions. Thank you for being our Saint. 

I hope that this is not the last that we see of you at Real Madrid and that you are able to come back under different circumstances. I would do anything to see you back at this club again whether as a player or as part of the staff. 

Unfortunately, this is where I say my final goodbye. I really don’t want it to end here but I am given no other choice. Goodbye, Saint Iker Casillas. Gone but never ever forgotten.