After the extreme chaos that has happened over the past 24 hours regarding the transfer of David De Gea from Manchester United and Keylor Navas joining them, Real Madrid have finally released an official statement clarifying everything that has happened.

This is the statement:

“Manchester United did not open negotiations for David De Gea until yesterday morning. Despite the difficulties of an operation of this kind in the last day of registration, we agreed to begin the De Gea talks. Manchester United agreed with Keylor Navas to be part of this deal and for him to be incorporated into their club. Real Madrid and Manchester United reached a rapid agreement on the transfer of both players. After the drafting of the relevant contractual documents required and in order to proceed with sufficient time to process, Real Madrid forwarded the contract drafts at 13:39 Spanish Time to Manchester United. Manchester United then sent its comments to the contracts eight hours later, at 21:43  Spanish Time, including minor modifications. All changes were accepted immediately by Real Madrid, with intention to register the player on TMS & LFP. 

After the signatures of David De Gea and Keylor  Navas, Real Madrid sent Manchester United the said contracts signed at 23:32 Spanish Time. We then awaited to receive the final documents signed by Manchester United. They sent the final agreement to the representatives of Keylor Navas at 23:53 Spanish Time and it was at that time when the contracts were sent to the players to be signed.

Manchester United entered the TMS data from the operation of David De Gea, not those of Keylor Navas, at 00:00 Spanish Time. Real Madrid received the full documentation at 00:02 Spanish Time and tried to access the TMS but it was already closed. At 00:26 Spanish Time the computer system of FIFA TMS makes an invitation to Real Madrid to fill the data of David De Gea.

We decided to refer the contract to the Professional Football League, even knowing that the deadlines have expired. In short, Real Madrid has done everything necessary, and at all times, to implement the two transfers of David De Gea and Keylor Navas.”

In summary, Real Madrid say that they have done nothing wrong regarding the transfers of David De Gea and Keylor Navas. With that said, David De Gea will remain in Manchester  United and Keylor Navas will continue in Real Madrid for the time being. Unfortunately, I don’t think that this will be the end of it and I’m expecting the English club to come out with a statement as well at some point.