Real Madrid played against Celta de Vigo as both teams went into the match as the only two left that haven’t lost a single game this season.

Starting Lineup:

Rafael Benitez is still suffering from a few injuries in his squad but made a surprise decision to leave Isco on the bench during the match. The starting lineup consisted of:

Keylor Navas, Danilo, Raphael Varane, Sergio Ramos [C], Marcelo, Carlos Casemiro, Toni Kroos, Luka Modric, Lucas Vazquez, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Jese


Celta de Vigo:
Manuel Nolito (85′)

Real Madrid:
Cristiano Ronaldo (8′)
Danilo (23′)
Marcelo (90′)

Keylor Navas:

Yet another massive performance by Keylor Navas! The Costa  Rican goalkeeper showed us all yet another master performance as he has been extremely consistent so far this season. Life is a lot easier for all Madridista’s knowing that he is the person that is guarding our goal and he continues to show his great professionalism and skill in every single match that he plays.


Danilo was finally able to score his first ever goal for Real Madrid against Celta de Vigo! Unfortunately though, it has to be said that he really didn’t have a great game overall. Manuel Nolito was able to run circles around him and it seemed as though the Brazilian defender had no response to it at any point. Danilo has been able to have a good run of games with the squad since he joined in the summer and a couple below-average games shouldn’t be too much of a problem (I hope!!)


Cristiano Ronaldo:

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the opening goal of the match but, other than that, he didn’t really do anything noteworthy. We are used to expecting a lot more from the Portuguese but it seems as though he isn’t as interested anymore or maybe just something external going on. Either way, he will need to get back to his best soon as he is and always has been vital to the team.

Carlos Casemiro:

I know I haven’t spoken much about Carlos Casemiro but it needs to be said that this is a player who has improved drastically since his first spell with Real Madrid! The loan to FC Porto has done wonders for him and you can easily see his confidence on the pitch whenever he is called upon. This looks like it will be a season to remember for him and hopefully he can continue with this great performances as time goes on.

My Personal Player Ratings:

Keylor Navas: 9.5/10
Danilo: 6.5/10
Raphael Varane: 8/10
Sergio Ramos: 7.5/10
Marcelo: 8.5/10
Carlos Casemiro: 8.5/10
Toni Kroos: 9/10
Luka Modrid: 8/10
Lucas Vazquez: 7.5/10
Cristiano Ronaldo: 7/10
Jese Rodriguez: 6.5/10