Before I begin this article, I genuinely cannot believe that I am working on a post with the title that it has. Yet, with everything that has been going on this season, we simply cannot ignore all the facts that have been happening. Why do I feel like we are the laughing stock of Europe? Here are the reasons:

1. The Exit of Iker Casillas:

Time and time again, you hear that Iker Casillas is a legend of Real Madrid. He is a playing who has spent his life at the club and has lead them to many different titles. Not only was he boo’d and criticized over the past couple years but, when he decided that he should leave the club and join Porto, we didn’t even give him a proper goodbye! What kind of club treats legends like that? Then we all wonder why many players and managers don’t want to join our clubs. Florentino Perez, you are the problem.

2. David De Gea:

You have plenty of time to make a deal with a player that you and the whole world know is happening. Yet, you wait until the final day which is fine I guess if you have lived your whole lives procrastinating. The problem arises when the deal is somehow not completed on time because of a problem with… Wait for it… THE FAX MACHINE! The worst part of all this is that Real Madrid have decided to not only admit that the deal wasn’t done on time but rather release an official statement blaming Manchester United for the problem. Let’s say it was Manchester United’s fault, that should NOT mean that a club as big as Real Madrid should go around playing the blame game. It’s embarrassing and, in all fairness, quite childish.

3. Karim Benzema

This man, Karim Benzema, has a sex-tape of his teammate in the French national team. Karim Benzema has a sex-tape of Mathieu Valbuena. Now, Benzema is in court and could be sentenced depending on how things go. There is not much more that I would like to say on this topic other than the fact that it’s completely ridiculous.

4. Rafael Benitez VS Real Madrid

There is no denying the ugly truth: The players at Real Madrid are not happy with Rafael Benitez and it’s quite clear why that is after everything that we have seen this season. The main problem arises when the players aren’t even willing to try and find ways to get along with Benitez. That is how a team can hit rock bottom. Then again, this is what you get for dismissing Carlo Ancelotti with no good reason!

5. Cheryshev

There is NO good excuse for not knowing that a player is supposed to be suspended for a game. Denis Cheryshev should not have played the match against Cadiz because he was supposed to be suspended after playing for Villarreal and accumulating 3 yellow cards in the competition. Apparently, the information has not reached Real Madrid. Guess how the information was sent…


This fax machine will be the end of us if it isn’t already.

The consequences of playing an ineligible player: A fine and disqualification from the competition



So, these are the main reasons as to why it is now safe to assume that Real Madrid are the laughing stock of the European world and I’m sure that there will be many more reasons to come! All I have to say is this: Florentino Perez and Rafael Benitez should leave the club as soon as possible.