A few days have passed since Real Madrid received the (not-so-shocking) news about a transfer ban, which will stop them from registering any new players until the summer of 2017. Therefore, they only have until the end of January to register any new players for the upcoming campaign.

ban 1

Let’s take a look at the details first before going a little deeper into this whole thing:

Real Madrid have been banned from registering new players for two transfer windows after FIFA ruled that the club violated regulations against signing young international players and, specifically, what is known as Article 19.

What is this Article 19 that they speak of?

Article 19 is specifically concerned with the protection of minors and prohibits the international transfer of players under the age of 18.

However, there are three notable exceptions to this rule:

– When the player’s parents move to the country where the club is located.

– When the transfer takes place within the European Union or European Economic Area.

– When the player lives less than 100 kilometres away from the club.

In October 2009, FIFA amended Article 19 and began mandating that clubs use its transfer matching system — an online filing system/database — for international transfers of a minor player (it became mandatory for all international transfers one year later).

Why is this important though?

Unfortunately, this is vital. It has happened before and will happen again: Many football agents sell younger players who don’t know much about the rules in order to gain big money. It’s disgusting and weird but there is no denying that it happens. With that said, I genuinely hope Real Madrid aren’t part of this trafficking chaos going on… Perez won’t have much to say to that.

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Now, let’s go to the important part.

What will happen to Real Madrid?

Personally (and I am sure many of you have as well), I have read my fair share of articles regarding the transfer ban and, more specifically, what people will think would happen to Real Madrid. Well, here are my two cents on the matter.

Nothing negative.

Here is why: Real Madrid knew this was coming and there is no denying that. This is why we saw them purchase players such as Jesus Vallejo and Asensio then loan them out so that, if FIFA accuses them of this, they have their backups prepared.

The depth that Los Merengues have is ridiculous and it’s time they use it! Furthermore, we keep hearing about how good our youth players are (also, we illegally got some of them apparently), so use them! Give the players a chance to show their capabilities. With Zidane around, this will be a much easier task as well.

Now, the slight problem that we may be facing is that any player who wanted to leave Real Madrid probably won’t be able to since the club cannot sign anyone to replace them. There were rumors regarding big-name departures such as Gareth Bale and Isco but I don’t see them going anywhere with this transfer ban.

It is important to note that Real Madrid WILL be appealing the ban.