Florentino Perez, the President of Real Madrid, has been under heavy criticism throughout his tenure at the helm from the fans. Why? Well, there are many reasons behind that and, in full honesty, many of the reasons are quite substantial… My question is: How can you hate Florentino Perez when many of you are just like him?

Let’s take some instances where Perez was criticized:

Selling Mesut Ozil to Arsenal

You won’t imagine the amount of people who tweeted that they agree with the decision and think that it’s best to see him leave. Once they saw that he did well for Arsenal, they decided to blame Perez for not seeing how good he actually is and all he cared about was marketing

Selling Angel Di Maria to Manchester United

“Angel Di Maria is a one-season wonder!” Oh my God the people that said that! Now, personally, I was with the idea of him leaving because he was clearly just after the money. With that said, at no point did I call him a one-season wonder nor did I agree with the fact that he was not as good as he showed in the “La Decima Season”. With that said, he is a marvelous player and selling him for James Rodriguez was something I didn’t really see the point behind.

Selling Iker Casillas to Porto

Now, this was something that many Madridista’s agreed with while others disagreed. In my opinion, I think we can’t really go deep into this particular subject since, like many transfers that happen in the world of football, there were many with it while there were many against

The Sacking of Carlo Ancelotti

“Carlo Ancelotti isn’t the right man for us”… What are you saying?! When he left, we were in chaos with Rafael Benitez. What’s worse is that, when Zinedine Zidane was appointed, many of you compared him to Ancelotti and used that comparison to say that he has learnt from the best!


Now, these are only some of the problems many of us have with Florentino Perez and, I know that there are unforgivable things that he has done which we don’t agree with. Furthermore, I agree that he isn’t the right man to be at the head of Real Madrid but here is my main problem:

Tweets such as “we want Eden Hazard!” and “we want Paul Pogba!” are 100% ridiculous! What about the price we will pay in order to bring these players to us? 100 million for Paul Pogba is utterly stupid and, if we do end up paying that much for him, then it will simply continue to show how spoiled we are as a club. We know Perez has the money and his mentality is to buy as many big names as possible without caring about how that can affect our team or our players! You are thinking of it the same exact way.

Let’s say we buy Pogba, where will he play? What about if we decide to purchase Eden Hazard as well? Actually, what if the major rumors of  Robert Lewandowski are true? If we bring any of them to Real Madrid, it means that players will have to depart. Who are you willing to get rid of between players like Toni Kroos, Cristiano Ronaldo, Luka Modric, James Rodriguez, Isco, etc? Be realistic for once!!!

A while back, Florentino Perez said that he is afraid players won’t want to come to Real Madrid because of the amount of chaos at the club. Even though he was talking mainly about the media, I am personally afraid that players won’t join because they know that there is practically no security when you are a player at Real Madrid.

We are the biggest club in the world and it’s time to act like it!