Dear Alvaro Arbeloa,

Many football players have had the honor of playing for a club such as Real Madrid but only few have truly felt an indescribable feeling known to everyone as “Madridismo”. You have not only felt it but you have also shared that feeling with the world.

Many football players have had to face criticism from the fans of the club that they play for but only few have been able to stand up and look past it all. You have not only stood up but you have been able to prove that your love for Real Madrid surpasses any hate or criticism that comes your way.

You have had some glorious years with the club and that is something that no one can ever take away from you. Recent years haven’t really been the best for you but that didn’t matter because you were still a part of the team that you have grown up loving and supporting.

You knew that speaking your mind was something that could cause a major backlash, which it did, but that didn’t matter. What mattered is that people knew your true thoughts rather than a rehearsed version in order to simply please them. For that, Mr. Arbeloa, you deserve to have everyone’s respect and admiration. Anything less than that is truly a crime.

Have I always agreed with every action you have done? No but neither did anyone else. Having said that, what truly mattered is that you agreed with your own actions and went on with it without any regrets. Not many men can say that.

Now, you leave the club that I have supported for so many years as you prepare to be a part of your last home game with the squad. I look forward to watching that game, and even if you don’t play, I will truly miss seeing you run onto the pitch after our victories. If you play, then it will be a great feeling to know that a true Madridismo has lined up for our squad.

Alvaro Arbeloa, you have given this team so much and not once have you asked for something in return. You deserve so much more than we can give you but all I can personally give you are my words. I have thought of so much to say but it all comes down to quite a simple sentence: Thank you for showing me true Madridismo.

A short and simple sentence yet there is so much meaning behind it.

Alvaro Arbeloa, I cannot speak for the rest of the Real Madrid fans but what I can do is tell you that I, for one, will miss having you as part of our squad. I hope that one day you return because the club needs more people like you.

Gracias Arbeloa… Goodbye.