“It’s difficult to say goodbye to your children”. I often hear that but, since I do not have any kids of my own, I can’t completely relate. Well, in a way, that feeling has surfaced with me today after hearing the official announcement of Jese leaving Real Madrid and joining Paris Saint-Germain on a five-year contract.

It does not make any sense to me and I don’t think that it ever will. He was one of us and was a player prepared to give everything he had to Real Madrid. His game improved drastically with every single minute he spent on the pitch. In a way, we saw a little of everyone in him. His Gareth Bale runs, his Cristiano Ronaldo skills, and his Karim Benzema finishing. Yet, somehow, that was never enough.


Now, we say goodbye to Jese. We say our goodbyes to a player who has spent nine years in the club going through the necessary levels in order to become a known name in the squad. The Spaniard scored his first goal for the club against FC Barcelona and, even though Los Blancos ended up losing the match, we all saw something special in the player. It’s no surprise that Unai Emery (manager of PSG) wants him at the club. He knows exactly how special Jese is and is probably shocked that it was a deal that Real Madrid were happy to make.

Zinedine Zidane said that there is a possibility of the player coming back to the club next year but, with the five-year contract signed, I don’t see any reason as to why PSG would even think of letting him go. Even if there is a buy-back option in store, it still does not make sense to me.

Goodbye Jese. Thank you for the beautiful years that you have given the club and its supporters. You will truly be missed and we will surely regret this sale at some point.

jese psg

Adios & Gracias, Jese Rodriguez…