With the transfer window ending in the next couple days, we see the increase of Real Madrid fans on Twitter trying to find any possible way to ask the club to make more signings! Technically, the only signing that we have made this summer was bringing back Alvaro Morata from Juventus for 30 Million Euros. As for Marco Asensio, he was on loan to Espanyol and we simply decided to keep him this year.

The main worry that I have is that there is a huge possibility that Los Merengues will not be able to make any new signings during the next year but that’s not exactly what many Madridistas are thinking about at the moment. Instead, they just want the club to sign more players because, well, that’s what they’re used to.

When we sign big names, we get people saying things like “Why would anyone spend that much money on one player?!” and then when we don’t, the same fans say “We should have paid the 110 Million Euros on Paul Pogba but now Manchester United got him!”

Where is the middle line? Actually, before answering that question, why do we even need more signings? The only signing I could possibly see as “needed” would be a backup/replacement for Carlos Casemiro, which is not something that we desperately need either.

Let’s take a look at our players for a minute:


Keylor Navas
Kiko Casilla
Ruben Yanez

Simply put, there is no reason for us to chase another goalkeeper and I’m glad that Real Madrid did not decide to try going after David De Gea again (not saying he would have joined, but just happy that the chase is over)



Daniel Carvajal
Raphael Varane
Sergio Ramos
Fabio Coentrao

Here, my worry is focused on Fabio Coentrao, who is a good player and a perfect backup for Marcelo but his history with injuries could become a problem. Having said that, we have players who could be alright on the left incase needed.



Carlos Casemiro
Toni Kroos
Luka Modric
James Rodriguez
Marco Asensio
Gareth Bale
Cristiano Ronaldo

How could we possibly even think of adding another midfielder to this list. If anything, we may actually have too many midfielders!



Karim Benzema
Alvaro Morata
Mariano Diaz

Since we usually play with one attacker in the game, having three is more than enough. Alvaro Morata hasn’t been at his best lately and Mariano Diaz is still young but we still have no reason to add any forwards to this list.


As you can see, adding another player to our roster could do more harm than good unless we sell a player. Also, if anyone will end up being sold, then it will probably be from the midfield (namely Isco or James Rodriguez) but according to Zinedine Zidane, both players will be staying at the club and fighting for a place.

When you have a squad that requires players like Isco or James Rodriguez to fight for a place, you know something is going well!