Real Madrid are currently leading La Liga with a two-point advantage over Barcelona and a game-in-hand. Things are looking good for Los Merengues but they cannot afford to get complacent as the Catalans will surely be ready to pounce at any given time.

Now, let’s take a quick look at all the remaining matches that Real Madrid have left in La Liga as they have a very difficult month coming up in April where they will play 7 of their remaining 11 La Liga matches. It’s important to also keep in mind that the team is fighting in the UEFA Champions League as they take on Bayer Munich in the quarterfinals.


1. Real Madrid VS Alaves – 

Real Madrid will take on Alaves once their back from the international break with the game scheduled to take place on April 2. Sitting a little comfortably in mid-table, Alaves have been able to provide their fair share of upsets this season and they will continue to do what they can to have more great club memories by the time this season ends. With this game being played at the Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid should be able to come out with all three points and keep their main focus on some of the bigger matches ahead.

Last Fixture: Alaves 1-4 Real Madrid
Current Rank/Points: 10th Place/40 Points

2. Leganes VS Real Madrid – 

Another one of the easier matches coming up, Real Madrid will be visiting Leganes as they continue their aim to win La Liga this year. Leganes are one of the relegation candidates and will definitely be putting up a huge fight as they know that time is definitely running out. At the moment, they’re safe but cannot afford to slip up at any point as the three teams in the relegation zone will keep their eyes on 17th place. Having said that, I also predict this to be an easy match and wouldn’t be too surprised if we see Zidane choose to have on eof his rotation matches.

Last Fixture: Real Madrid 3-0 Leganes
Current Rank/Points: 17th Place/26 Points

3. Real Madrid VS Atletico Madrid – 

This is the first major match that Madridista’s will be looking forward to in La Liga and making a statement here will go a long way for Real Madrid. Atletico Madrid aren’t at their best this season but we all know that, once the derby arrives, past form is quite useless! Atletico will be fighting for a spot in next season’s Champions League and a win against their fiercest rivals will go a long way to boosting their morale and hopes for that to happen. A loss to Atletico could lead to a domino effect, which will inevitably lead to Barcelona finding their way to the top. There is no such thing as a good time to play Atletico Madrid and we will need to be at our very best if we want all three points on the night.

Last Fixture: Atletico Madrid 0-3 Real Madrid
Current Rank/Points: 4th Place/55 Points

4. Sporting Gijon VS Real Madrid – 

Between two major games against Bayern Munich and Barcelona, Real Madrid have to visit relegation candidates, Sporting Gijon. Currently lying in the relegation zone, Sporting aren’t really as dangerous as they once were but that does not mean that they’re unable to cause any damage to the current league leaders. They have had their ups and downs this season but will be doing all they can to get maximum points from their remaining ten fixtures in La Liga.

Last Fixture: Real Madrid 2-1 Sporting Gijon
Current Rank/Points: 18th Place/21 Points

5. Real Madrid VS Barcelona – 

This is undoubtedly the biggest match for Real Madrid in their remaining La Liga fixtures. It is quite safe to assume that both teams will be fighting for top spot but the point difference is what may vary. If both teams are able to continue getting maximum points until this matchday, then Barcelona will only be two points behind Real Madrid and will need a win to keep their title hopes alive. Even though the Catalans have had some unexpected slip-ups in their season, they are still more than capable of coming out with a win and we saw them at their best against PSG in the Champions League (putting aside some questionable refereeing). Barcelona have more than enough firepower to turn this title race upside down and it will be a night thatn many fans will be looking forward to.

Last Fixture: Barcelona 1-1 Real Madrid
Current Ranks/Points: 2nd Place/63 Points


6. Deportivo La Coruna VS Real Madrid – 

Deportivo La Coruna aren’t having their best season as they lie low in the bottom half of the league but, at home and mainly against the bigger teams, they suddenly find a way to transform into a team that are really capale of grinding out results. Only a couple weeks ago, they were able to beat Barcelona and the cherry on top was that this result came right after Barcelona’s 6-1 thrashing of PSG. Real Madrid will have to visit them and be wary of the threat that they pose. Are Deportivo beatable at home? Definitely, but we cannot take this game for granted.

Last Fixture: Real Madrid 3-2 Deportivo La Coruna
Current Rank/Points: 16th Place/27 Points

7. Real Madrid VS Valencia – 

Valencia have been very confusing this season and it is definitely going to end up being one that they will want to forget. Having said that, they are currently able to grind out results and have some promising moments during their matches. They were able to beat Real Madrid in the last time the two teams met while also almost causing an upset to Barcelona having played the full second half with 10-men. Anything can be expected from Valencia and Los Blanos will have to be extremely careful and learn from their past mistakes.

Last Fixture: Valencia 2-1 Real Madrid
Current Rank/Points: 14th Place/30 Points

8. Granada VS Real Madrid – 

By the time Granada host Real Madrid, a lot could have happened in La Liga. The fight for first place could still be alive but the relegation battle could be a lot clearer. Only one position ahead of last-placed Osasuna Granada need a miracle in their next ten games if they are to come out of the relegation zone. Not only do they need to come out with some results, but they have to depend on other results going in their favor. Put that with the pressure of playing against a Real Madrid side fighting for top spot, it simply doesn’t look too good for them.

Last Fixture: Real Madrid 5-0 Granada
Current Rank/Points: 19th Place/19 Points

9. Real Madrid VS Sevilla – 

Let us all hope that, by the time we reach this game against Sevilla, we would have been crowned champions of Spain. Even though playing against Sevilla at the Santiago Bernabeu is completely different than playing against them away, it doesn’t change the fact that they are a very strong team who are fighting as hard as they could to stay in the top 3 of the rankings. They have had a really good season so far and will want to end it on a high note. Los Blancos have beaten them before and knocked them out of the Copa del Rey but that doesn’t make this game any easier, especially when keeping in mind that we were beaten by them in the last game played against each other in La Liga.

Last Fixture: Sevilla 2-1 Real Madrid
Current Rank/Points: 3rd Place/57 Points

10. Malaga VS Real Madrid – 

In what could be the last La Liga day of the season (depending on when our match against Celta de Vigo will be scheduled), Real Madrid visit a struggling Malaga side who don’t really know where they future will be. In the bottom half of the season and trying to stay up, they aren’t too far away from relegation. With some results going against them and the other teams around them getting a few massive points, Malaga could very well see themselves as relegation candidates a few weeks from now. Predicting what may happen in this match is difficult given all the citcumstances but it’s definitely a game that Real Madrid should be winning.

Last Fixture: Real Madrid 2-1 Malaga
Current Rank/Points: 15th Place/27 Points

11. Celta de Vigo VS Real Madrid – 

Now, it’s not sure when this game will be scheduled as the La Liga board are still trying to find a right time for the teams to face each other after the initial game was rescheduled due to weather conditions and the Celta de Vigo pitch needing some fixing. Celta are not an easy team to play so, the way I see it, the later we play them the better! They were able to knock Real Madrid out of the Copa del Rey and will want to show that it was not luck that made them win that tie. They have always had a reputation for beating the top two Spanish teams and will want to give respect to that reputation by getting points against Real Madrid.

Last Fixture: Real Madrid 2-1 Celta de Vigo
Current Rank/Points: 11th Place/38 Points