The many times Zinedine Zidane came out with a “shocking” starting eleven as we saw players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Luka Modric, Daniel Carvajal, etc. all rested for their counter-parts has lead to this upcoming month of April. A month where it is quite literally do-or-die, Los Merengues will have to come out at 100% during almost every single match.


They start a little easily as they play with a Marcos Llorente-less Alaves (due to the clause that Los Blancos placed not allowing him to play against them during his loan spell) and that’s a big deal. Llorente has been the backbone of Alaves this season and they will find it a lot more difficult without him on the field. Also, there is always the added bonus that if Real Madrid come out with a win during the match, they will be the only Top 3 team not to drop points against Alaves.

Anyways, once that is done, they have Leganes. During the first two games in April, it should not be surprising if we end up seeing Zidane to rest some of the big name players and I personally would not be surprised to see him go as far as resting Keylor Navas in order to give Kiko Casilla a few minutes. I wouldn’t blame him for making any of these changes as he will need his starting eleven to be fresh for the upcoming ones…

During the month of April, Real Madrid will see themselves go against Bayern Munich twice (UEFA Champions League Quarter Finals) as they are headed by the one manager that I’m personally scared to go against: Carlo Ancelotti. If that isn’t enough to get you looking forward to the upcoming month, it is important to also note that a lot will change in La Liga as Real Madrid will also see themselves taking on Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. Hey, if things go our way, we could be comfortably sitting in top spot by the end of the month!


In the middle of all the chaos, Real Madrid will have to go against Sporting Gijon in La Liga and, because of the timing of that match, it could end up proving to be trickier than it looks like. Other than the fact that Sporting are doing everything in their power to stay up in the league, Real Madrid will most probably not have their full focus on this match and therefore it could end up with Los Blancos dropping some unexpected points on the night.

The Real Madrid team have proven many times before that, for one reason or another, they tend to switch off. The problem is that, if that happens during April, it could end up costing us a trophy whether it’s the league or the Champions League. They have already been knocked out of the Copa del Rey and any other slip-up could cause more damage than only being knocked out…