Hey everyone!

I really hope that you all are enjoying my posts and it’s always great to hear from some of you about your different ideas and your likes/dislikes about the blog.

One idea that struck me was to separate the “Post-Match” posts from the “Player Ratings” of each game. In that, the player ratings will be a post on its own and therefore be more detailed on each player and why I personally chose the rating that I did.

I loved the idea and, therefore, starting with our match against Leganes on Wednesday night, there will be two posts uploaded per game and they will usually be coming up within an hour or two of each other. The first post will be observations about the match including the starting lineup and the scorers while the second post will focus solely on the player ratings of the Real Madrid squad.

Thank you all once again and I look forward to more ideas and comments as time goes on.

Hala Madrid

– RMadrid37