It took an extra 30 minutes than ANYONE would have liked, but Real Madrid came out victorious in their second-leg match against Bayern Munich after beating the Bavarians 2-1 in the first-leg.

My Personal Player Ratings:

Keylor Navas – 7.5/10

Even though he conceded two goals, none of them can be blamed on him as the first was a penalty and the second a Sergio Ramos own goal. He did quite well throughout the night and came out with some great saves to help Los Blancos get the win.

Daniel Carvajal – 8/10

A beast throughout the 120 minutes as he limited the Bayern Munich attacks from his side and was able to deal with the danger well. He was also a threat as usual going froward as he tried to help Real Madrid get the goal that would eventually put them at ease.

Nacho Fernandez – 8/10

I was personally worried after Nacho’s past few performances but he showed us just how good he is in the match against Bayern Munich as he limited the danger of Robert Lewandowski.

Sergio Ramos – 6/10

Was doing quite well until his horrible own goal which saw him get a little nervous throughout the rest of the match. Thankfully, he was still able to get enough done in order to help Real Madrid come out with their deserved win.

Marcelo – 8.5/10

What a night for Marcelo! The left-back was a menace and, even though Cristiano Ronaldo was able to get a hat-trick, Marcelo was the true Man-of-the-Match. A wonderful night for the Brazilian and his run for Ronaldo’s third goal was brilliant!

Carlos Casemiro – 6.5/10

A weird night for Carlos Casemiro where no one could have blamed the referee if he decided to send off the Brazilian. His passes were terrible but, at the same time, he controlled his position very well. It was a shaky night, no doubt, and it’s surprising that he was on the pitch for the full game when Zidane could have replaced him at any point.

Toni Kroos – 7/10

Not the best night for Toni Kroos but he had a few chances to get Real Madrid ahead early on but shockingly all of them were wasted. The German midfielder still had a decent match but we have seen a lot better from him in the past

Luka Modric – 7/10

Almost the same idea as Toni Kroos, Luka Modric was kind of placed out of position and therefore couldn’t come through with the performances we are used to from him. Nonetheless, he did his job and did it quite well throughout the game.

Isco – 8/10

After his performance against Sporting Gijon, it was very difficult not to pick him for the match and he did his job very well. The change in tactics in order to accomodate him hurt Los Blancos in my opinion, but he still did his job before running out of fuel and being substituted during the second half.

Cristiano Ronaldo – 7/10

No, he doesn’t deserve a higher rating than 7 because of his hat-trick even though it’s difficult not to give it to him. He didn’t have a good game and was wasting opportunity after opportunity during the first half. Started coming to life after scoring his first goal but things could have been a lot different if he made better choices during the first 45 minutes.

Karim Benzema – 6.5/10

Had a good yet slightly quiet game throughout his time on the pitch. The French forward had a couple chances but nothing of note before being replaced in the second half by Marco Asensio.

Marco Asensio – 8.5/10

Another great night against Bayern Munich for Marco Asensio as he did more than what was asked of him and got his name on the score sheet with a wonderful run and a brilliant finish. It’s hard to believe that he’s only 21…


Lucas Vazquez – 8/10

Replacing Isco, Lucas Vazquez added some much-needed speed in the second half jut when it seemed like Real Madrid were running out of ammo. He put in a great performance.

Mateo Kovacic – N/A

Replaced Toni Kroos late in the game and wasn’t on the pitch long enough to be rated.