Real Madrid visited Granada in yet another “Final” as they were able to rotate 9 out of the 11 players and still come out with an extremely convincing 4-0 win on the night.

Here is our starting lineup and bench during the night:


My Personal Player Ratings:

Kiko Casilla – 8/10

It’s quite difficult to give Kiko Casilla a rating given that he barely had anything to do all game but he was always alert and ready to deal with anything that came his way throughout the 90 minutes.

Danilo – 8.5/10

A great night for Danilo as he moved forward extremely well and took full advantage of a Granada side that seem to be deflated after confirming relegation in their previous match. Danilo seems to be improving with each passing game and is slowly (hopefully) becoming someone that we can count on.

Nacho Fernandez – 8.5/10

Stepping in for Raphael Varane, Nacho was at his best on the night and took care of his position with ease as the Granada forwards threatened only a few times during the match.

Sergio Ramos – 9/10

Sergio Ramos is used to the bigger and more fast-paced games and therefore took advantage of this one to lay back most of the time before taking full control and moving forward at any given opportunity throughout the 90 minutes

Fabio Coentrao – 8/10

In what could very well be in final game for Real Madrid, Fabio Coentrao was given a rare chance to start and play the full 90 minutes. He repaid the faith from Zidane by coming out with a great performance and was also able to get an assist to his name!


Carlos Casemiro – 7.5/10

A good game by Carlos Casemiro who seems to have gotten instructions by Zidane to keep everything to a minimum. The Brazilian focused on his positioning and did well without causing too much chaos.

Mateo Kovacic – 9/10

Continued doing what he does best, Mateo Kovacic was able to move forward more often given that Casemiro was there to help him out when needed at the back.

James Rodriguez – 9.5/10

A wonderful and memorable night for James Rodriguez, who was able to play his part to perfection. His brace only goes to show how clinical he could be in front of goal but his play overall was a joy to watch.

Lucas Vazquez – 9/10

An absolutely brilliant night for Lucas Vazquez as his speed and decision-making caused numerous problems for Granada. Unlucky not to score a goal, the Spanish forward played his part extremely well.

Marco Asensio – 8/10

A good night for Marco Asensio as he continued to show how mature he is for such a young age. He has been playing more regularly lately and it will be extremely helpful for his growth.

Alvaro Morata – 9.5/10

What a night for Alvaro Morata who was able to make his intentions clear with two amazing goals, the second one which was absolutely brilliant! The Spaniard is doing everything in his power to show that he deserves a more regular role with the club.

Karim Benzema – 4/10

Surprisingly, he came on for Marco Asensio even though Los Blancos were already 4-0 up. He came on and didn’t add anything of note as he tried to get a goal to his name but ended up falling short and ruining chances for others. Not a memorable cameo for the Frenchman.

Isco – 7/10

Replaced Carlos Casemiro and did his job well. Had a few good runs and could have actually gotten a couple assists to his name on the night.

Mariano Diaz – 6.5/10

Came on for Lucas Vazquez and his hunger for goal was extremely apparent. Had a good few minutes on the pitch and it would be interesting to see what could be done if he had a full 45 minutes at least against teams such as Granada.