Dear Pepe,

As the season went on and things became clearer to us regarding your future at our beloved club, I was dreading the end of the campaign because I knew that I would end up having to write this post.


Ten years… That alone shows the type of player you are from so many different aspects: Your loyalty for staying at this club no matter what ups and downs it was going through, your commitment to give your all every single time you step out onto the pitch, your skill as the club never even entertained rumors that connected you with any club outside of ours, your passion to fight for the badge of a team that has put all its trust in you. I wish that there was a way that we could show you the appreciation you deserve and give you the farewell that you have earned but unfortunately, nothing will be enough from us to show you the gratitude that we have for what you have done.

Just like any human being, you have had your ups and downs at the club but it shows the strength of your personality when you never thought about quitting. You have always found the courage to come back and fight even harder to show what you believed in, which is that you ARE good enough to play for Real Madrid and you ARE good enough to be part of the starting eleven.


Pepe, I thank you. I thank you for everything that you have given the club that I have grown up supporting. I thank you for your passion that you have shown every single time you were out on the pitch. Even as you leave, you waited until the very end of the season in order to make the public comment in order not to cause any disturbance to the squad. That in itself shows the type of person and player you are.

No matter where you decide to go, whether in England or France, one thing is for sure: The team you join will be lucky to call you one of their own.

Give them your very best just like you have given us for the past ten years.

Gracias & Adios, Pepe. Hala Madrid y Nada Mas…