No One Is Bigger Than The Club & That Includes You, Cristiano Ronaldo

I have been debating with myself for a few days on whether I should write this post or not and, before moving forward, I have to make it clear that whoever is reading this article should put aside whether I completely believe the rumors or not but. Yes, I feel that there is some truth behind it (we will get to that a little later) and will be using this article to explain a few things including how I feel about the whole situation.

cr goal

A few days ago, news emerged which stated that Cristiano Ronaldo is unhappy in Spain and wants to leave the club after the Portuguese felt as though he was not being supported by Real Madrid and therefore made an “irreversible” decision to continue his career elsewhere. Now, if this is true, there could be some reasons behind why he’s doing this:

  1. He genuinely wants to leave the club because he feels like his contribution is not being appreciated and the club/fans have not been loyal to him in light of recent events concerning tax fraud allegations against him.
  2. He wants a bigger contract.
  3. Jorge Mendes, his agent, got into his head just like he did with previous clients such as Angel Di Maria and made Cristiano Ronaldo see the ‘ugly’ side of all this.
  4. He wants to see loyalty.

Whatever the reason is, I think that we have to agree that he has gone about it in the wrong way. If Ronaldo wants to leave the club, that is something that he should have talked to the Real Madrid board about and made his intentions clear to them. Yes, they would have done everything in their power to convince him to stay but this is exactly where I feel I should begin my next point.

Let’s say that Cristiano set up a meeting with Florentino Perez and told him that he is not happy at Real Madrid and wants to leave the club to play somewhere other than Spain. No one would expect Perez to agree right away but that’s where Ronaldo can bring in his contributions to the club. He can use that in order to tell Perez that he has given this club so much and would want to leave now. Using that can actually aid Ronaldo, especially when given my next point.

cr ucl

Real Madrid have a history of not keeping players against their will, no matter who they are. Angel Di Maria, Mesut Ozil, and David Beckham are just a few names that chose to leave the club before the end of their contracts and Real Madrid went on with their wishes. Now, anyone thinking that I’m remotely trying to compare these three players to Cristiano Ronaldo should stop reading here because you’re way too far from the point that I’m trying to make that there is no reason for you to keep going.

Back to my point, if Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Real Madrid, we should not stand in his way. It’s that simple. I don’t care how big of a player he is or how much Real Madrid may or may not suffer without his services. If he is unhappy at the club and has made a decision to leave, then Real Madrid should open the door for him. The Portuguese has given us so much to be thankful for and I personally would have loved to see him retire at the club that I admire but I wouldn’t want him to be forcing himself to stay.

Let’s now take a look at this the other way around: Cristiano Ronaldo is at the best club in the world and there is no where else that he would be able to have the career that he currently has. No other club would give him this high of a platform to win the Balon d’Or yet again and no club has been able to win consecutive UEFA Champions League Titles (3 in the last 4 years). Competition? He’s directly competing with Lionel Messi and has been for a few years as both players have improved the other! Where else will the Portuguese forward get these opportunities? Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, AC Milan, and Manchester City have all been interested according to reports but NONE of them can give him the platform he currently has. The only other club at the moment with similar influence is arguably Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo will not be moving there. So, why leave? Why try to hold the club that has given you this platform ransom? Why make these comments without even speaking to the club? So many questions to ask but Ronaldo has chosen to stay silent regarding this whole thing so far and therefore the questions will simply keep increasing…

cr bdo

According to the rumors as well, Zinedine Zidane wants Cristiano Ronaldo to stay at the club and believes that the Portuguese is simply angry and there isn’t much to worry about. He has spoken to Ronaldo and has told him how important he is to the squad and to Zidane’s plans in the coming season. Would that change his mind? Well, it definitely should! I’m not saying that Ronaldo does not know his importance but it’s always different hearing it from someone else and Zidane doing that should help change his decision. If it doesn’t then that goes back to my point that he should be sold as soon as possible…

No one is bigger than the club and we should continue with that philosophy no matter who decides to walk out. We are Real Madrid and have the capabilities of signing some of the best players in the world. We have gone through our ups and downs in the past but have ALWAYS stood back up when we were down. Cristiano Ronaldo leaving the club is bound to happen sooner or later and therefore we should be able to continue fighting for success without him.

cr zz

If Cristiano Ronaldo chooses to stay, then I will be proud to call him one of us. If not, then he should be sold as soon as possible. The only say that Real Madrid should have is how much they are willing to accept for him. According to the most recent rumors I have seen, their asking price will be around 140-200 Million Euros, which is a magnificent price to receive for him.

I have never and will never doubt the abilities of Cristiano Ronaldo nor will I be so idiotic to deny all the good he has done for Real Madrid but sometimes we have to say goodbye and start a new page.

If Cristiano Ronaldo leaves, it won’t be the end of the world. If he stays, we cannot show the world that there is at least one player who is in fact bigger than the club. We are Real Madrid, no one can be bigger than this club.

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