Real Madrid are able to sign players during this summer transfer window after their transfer ban was reduced to one window (which was finished last January). Therefore, unlike last season, Real Madrid are expected to make a few moves in the market but you shouldn’t expect to see anything big.

What you should expect though is to see Los Merengues make smarter transfers and focus on the youth  just as they have been doing for a couple years now. Gone are the days where we would be focused on getting the best players in the world and being linked to spending hundreds of millions on the best performers around the globe. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that sooner or later we will see Real Madrid bring in a “Galactico” again but that is definitely not their main focus.

Players such as Marco Asensio and Lucas Vazquez are the future and Real Madrid are bringing them in before anyone gets the chance to. All the eyes in the world were looking up at Los Blancos with envy last season when they saw the gem brought in through Marco Asensio for only 3 Million Euros, Lucas Vazquez has been showing his speed and skill on the wings when given the chance, Carlos Casemiro has been commanding his position with great integrity. Even players like Toni Kroos find themselves in the squad, even though he is young but a global name nonetheless.

It is a beautiful era to be a Real Madrid fan and that’s putting aside the domination that has come with the team in the past four years. Our squad is shaping up to finally be a team and you can see that with every single second they spend on the pitch. It’s wonderful and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon.


So Far…

After the season ended, Real Madrid made a decision not to extend Pepe’s contract at the club as he leaves to be a free agent. The board decided to start their focus on the players that are out on loan since they would be the easiest to bring back to the club. Therefore, we see the new additions to the team being Jesus Vallejo, a Spanish defender who spent last season in Germany dazzling opponents in Eintracht Frankfurt, and Marcos Llorente, the Spanish central midfielder who caught the eyes of so many other clubs after impressing at Alaves during the past year. Furthermore, the club decided to bring back Borja Mayoral who is also Spanish and spent last season at Wolfsburg but it’s not yet 100% clear if he will be staying with the club next season or not.

Once that was over, they looked around to see what is available to get their hands on. Even though there was major talk of this even before the season ended, things seem to now be official with Theo Hernandez joining the team from Atletico Madrid as he will be a backup to Marcelo. This transfer will probably prove to be one of the most important ones for the team after he showed his unbelievable capabilities while on loan at Alaves last year. The clubs haven’t confirmed the transfer yet but it will be done as it’s confirmed by the player himself and the President of Atletico Madrid.

As of now, the only departures from Real Madrid are Pepe who is still looking for a club but all signs seem to point to either Paris Saint-Germain or Besiktas and the other being Mariano Diaz, who has signed a five-year deal with Lyon.


With preseason drawing very close and a little over a month until our first official game (UEFA Super Cup against Manchester United on August 8), Real Madrid will want to move fast and get all their business done as soon as possible, even if only to avoid another David De Gea saga all over again…

Who Might Leave?

Even though Florentino Perez has recently claimed that he would love to keep all the players at the club for the upcoming season, it is still expected that some of them might leave in pursuit of regular football. As we have seen last season, our squad is complete and we have some exceptional players who simply can’t find place in the starting eleven due to the players already there simply being better.

During the course of the season, many were worried that Isco was going to leave by the summer but the Spanish midfielder quickly erased those rumors before the UEFA Champions League Final after admitting that he will stay at the club and will be signing a new contract this summer, it is only a matter of time.

Therefore, we are now looking at the very high possibility of three departures from Real Madrid:

First, we take a look at James Rodriguez, who has been linked with moves to either Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain or Juventus. The Colombian midfielder has already proven that he is a fantastic asset to have on any team but he has also made it very clear that he’s not happy with his current role at the club. Unfortunately for him, Zinedine Zidane still sees no place for him in the starting lineup and therefore we may see him involved in a transfer sooner rather than later with the expected sum to be around the 80 Million Euro mark.

Next, we take a look at Alvaro Morata who is very heavily linked with a move to the English Premier League with Manchester United. The English club are looking for a forward to replace Zlatan Ibrahimovic and see Morata as the perfect choice for them, especially after the talks with Atletico Madrid’s Antoine Griezmann have broken down due to the transfer ban. This also looks like it may bring in a sum of 60-80 Million Euros.


Lastly, we look at Fabio Coentrao, who has struggled to get minutes at the team last season and will be moving on for sure. The only question is whether it will end up being a full transfer or a loan move as the most likely situation at the moment looks like it will be on loan to Sporting Lisbon with the option to purchase him at the end of next season.

Other than that, we cannot completely overlook the rumors coming out of the media no matter how significant or insignificant they may seem. We have seen players such as Keylor Navas, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Danilo all linked with moves outside of the club but it doesn’t look like there is anything concrete in them as of yet. I personally don’t see Navas or Cristiano leaving the club and I also doubt that Real Madrid would let go of Danilo unless they are able to bring in a better option.

Who May Join?

I have already touched on this a little in one of my past blog posts but let’s still take a quick look at which players could end up joining the club this season.

First, we take a look at the most talked about transfer going on at the moment, which is Dani Ceballos from Real Betis. The young Spaniard has continuously improved and brought a lot of attention to himself this summer with his brilliant performances in the EURO U21 Competition. There is no doubt that a lot of clubs are looking to get his signature but it looks like Los Merengues are the front-runners in this as they are looking to finalize the deal now but will probably send him back to Real Betis on a season-long loan and let him join the club next summer. Not only will this benefit the player but it will make negotiations with Real Betis a lot easier as they would love the opportunity to hold onto one of their star players for at least another year.

Now, we take our focus to Italy as AC Milan’s young goalkeeper, Gianluigi Donnarumma, has rejected the chance to sign a new contract with the club which got Real Madrid on high alert. The problem with this is that it’s unclear what Los Blancos have planned for him if he eventually joins since they have expressed their trust in Keylor Navas and could see Donnarumma as the perfect backup (which would see them having to sell Kiko Casilla in the process). With a lot of clubs looking to get the Italian’s signature, I highly doubt that he would want to be a backup player, even if it’s at Real Madrid.

The name that has been circulating for months now and continuously increases in the media every single day has been Kylian Mbappe who has made a name for himself in France with AS Monaco. If Real Madrid are able to pull off this transfer, then it will definitely be the most expensive one for them this season as it seems like Monaco will not be accepting any bids below 100 Million Euros. Real Madrid are willing to pay that amount, especially if they see the departures of James Rodriguez and Alvaro Morata, which will easily pay for that and more.


Last but not least, this is the least talked about transfer and I personally don’t think that it will happen but it’s worth mentioning that we have also been linked with the possibility of bringing in Eden Hazard from Chelsea as the Belgian international has impressed yet again this season. Of course, Chelsea and their manager Antonio Conte will not want to see their star player leave and it will take a very considerable bid from any club to make them even consider it, if they even want to.

In Conclusion

Real Madrid are staying very strong in their belief in youngsters and that is extremely refreshing to see. They understand the need to concentrate on the youth and, because of the name that they have built for themselves, they have the capabilities to bring in some of the best and most promising young players in the world. Also, with Zidane’s rotation policy during the last year, it makes it easier for these young players to agree to join because they know that they’ll be given a very fair chance to impress throughout the upcoming season.

Fortunately for Real Madrid, many of these young players are Spanish and that just makes it much more attractive for Real Madrid as well. With players such as Marco Asensio, Marcos Llorente, Jesus Vallejo, Daniel Carvajal, and Isco all expecting to be at the club next season, it will definitely be something beautiful to watch.


This is definitely a time for us as Madridistas to be excited, to celebrate, and to look forward to a what could be a very bright future for the club. Let’s take it all in and enjoy every single moment.

Hala Madrid y Nada Mas!