Before the summer began, many Madridistas were looking forward to the team coming back and taking part in the International Champions Cup (ICC). The fans in the US were excited to see their idols play in big matches against some of the best teams in Europe while the fans worldwide were just happy to see their team and the new signings in action once again.

Then, the ICC began and the fans decided to come out in full force with their criticisms. Real Madrid lost the first game against Manchester United on penalties after the game ended in a 1-1 draw before losing 4-1 to Manchester City. The “friendly” Clasico was what most had their eyes on and Los Blancos came out with yet another loss. The team still have one more match coming up in their preseason tour versus MLS All Stars before they go against Manchester United and Barcelona for the European and Spanish Super Cups but the fans are now worried.


About two months ago, Real Madrid were crowned UEFA Champions League winners and La Liga champions with everyone crediting the team and Zinedine Zidane after a great and memorable season. Three friendly matches later though, that has all changed and there is no reason for it.

Real Madrid are used to winning and therefore their fans will always expect Los Merengues to win their games, especially against the big oppositions and they don’t seem to care about the importance of friendlies. These friendly matches are useless when it comes to the final scoreline as Zidane’s main priority is making sure the players are fit and ready while maybe even trying out a few different tactics throughout the matches. His main priority is to arrive to August 8 in the best possible form as Real Madrid will have their first chance of silverware for the season. He has matches against the Red Devils and Barcelona coming up so he shouldn’t put any thought into actually winning the friendly matches beforehand but rather making sure that his players are prepared to give their best on August 8, 13, and 16.

Nevertheless, this seems to make no different to so many Real Madrid fans on Twitter and other social media platforms as they made their discontent heard by going as far as saying Zidane has lost it and should be replaced before the beginning of the season while Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale should be sold… What?!

Imagine being in Zidane’s spot and your hard work over a season and a half suddenly goes unnoticed because of a few friendly results. Well, that’s how some of the fans are unfortunately.

Now, not all the blame can be placed on them as they should be voicing their discontent on a few issues but those issues should make sense. For example, people are arguing that Borja Mayoral is not a good backup option for Benzema and we should therefore get someone instead. On that note, I’ll have to agree (even if I don’t, it’s still a valid argument to make during preseason). Same argument goes to having Achraf Hakimi as a backup for Daniel Carvajal. Whether you agree or not isn’t what matters but rather the argument itself is perfectly valid. Asking for Zizou’s head at this point is utterly ridiculous though.