Real Madrid 3-2 Levante: Player Ratings

Real Madrid were able to come out with all three points against Levante but saw themselves struggle way more than they should have during the second 45 minutes.

Player Ratings

Thibaut Courtois – 7/10
Hard to blame him for either goal conceded, especially the second. Had a brilliant save towards the end of the match to keep Los Blancos in the lead.

Daniel Carvajal – 6.5/10
Had one of the best 45 minutes that he had in months but a defensive lapse saw him at fault for Levante’s first goal of the match and the beginning of what could have been a historic comeback.

Raphael Varane – 7.5/10
Has two take some blame for two conceded goals but he had a really good game overall. Stepped up to help Eder Militao when he came on for Sergio Ramos.

Marcelo – 8/10
One of his better displays, Marcelo was actually defending for large portions of the game. Moved forward well but usually came back in time to cover his position which is something we haven’t really seen in about a year now.

Carlos Casemiro – 9/10
A wonderful match from our Tank as Casemiro did his job perfectly before being substituted off. Had a great performance and scored Real Madrid’s third goal of the match.

Toni Kroos – 8.5/10
Another midfielder who worked tirelessly throughout the match, Toni Kroos was in charge of everything that connected the defense and attack. Had some great touches, really good shots, and a positive game overall.

James Rodriguez – 9/10
An absolutely wonderful match for James Rodriguez who worked tirelessly as he was given a chance in place of Luka Modric. The Colombian registered an assist for Benzema’s second goal and could have had the pass of the season to Eden Hazard towards the end of the match with a sublime back-heel to the Belgian who was unable to get the ball into the back of the net.

Lucas Vazquez – 5.5/10
Seemed like he was running none-stop for 90 minutes but nothing really came out of it. Had a couple good moments in the first half but it’s shocking to see that he was able to stay on the pitch for 90 minutes.

Vinicius Junior – 7/10
Not a good start for Vinicius who really seems to be overthinking every move so far this season. A great assist to Casemiro got him to calm down a little bit as we were finally able to see moments that we haven’t really seen much of since the end of last season.

Karim Benzema – 9/10
Yet another unbelievable performance from Karim Benzema who has been able to find a way to keep up his form from last season. Two goals by the Frenchman sees him move up the scoring charts and continue to cement his spot in the starting lineup.


Eden Hazard – 7.5/10
A good debut for Hazard as he came on for Casemiro and found himself in action right away. Could have gotten his name on the score sheet with a little more luck but he will be able to show his best self with some time.

Eder Militao – 7/10
Another player to make his official debut as Militao came on for Sergio Ramos and did quite well. Varane had to cover for him a couple times but we can already see that the Brazilian could be an asset for us very soon.

Luka Jovic – N/A
Came on for Karim Benzema.

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